Synergy Physiotherapy and Sports Massage


Staines Swimming Club have partnered with Synergy Egham to provide it's members with first class sports massage therapy, paediatric and musculoskeletal physio and rehabilitation services.

Synergy are located in Egham High Street details below;

Egham Clinic

First Floor (above Tesco)

61-63 High St

Egham TW20 9EX

t: 01784 618118


e:  [email protected]


Swimmers in the Performance section of the club or who are taking part in 6 or more training sessions per week will receive a 20% discount on all services with Synergy.  These swimmers are highly likely to use their services more frequently especially sports massage with a number of the senior swimmers already benefiting from their services, so a greater discount has been offered.

All club members including parents will receive a 10% discount on all services with Synergy.

Synergy have a team of highly experienced staff and expertise in pediatric rehabilitation.


Synergy Physio Philosophy

Our philosophy is to ensure that you recover fully from your injury, and once recovered, you have a better understanding of how your body works and less chance of getting injured in the future. We achieve this through a combination of comprehensive Physiotherapy, Video Movement Analysis and Specialist Rehabilitation. We ensure at all times that we track and inform you of your progress until we achieve your goals.


Our expertise will get you where you want to be


Through our unique combination of highly skilled physiotherapists and rehabilitation specialists we are able to go a step further. We are able to provide “Complete Rehabilitation”, which means that we do not only treat your injury until you are back to pre-injury levels, but that we get you even stronger and better than before, to stop the injury from recurring.


We pride ourselves with providing you with the best care whilst you are with us, but also want to make sure that the benefits of your time with us are evident long after you have finished your treatment. It is our goal to teach you more about your body and how to make long-lasting improvements to your health and lifestyle.


Our team will assess and treat anyone with a musculoskeletal (eg joint, muscle, tendon, ligament or nerve) problem, and we also have specialist Physiotherapists in Pediatrics, Women’s Health and Neurological Conditions. You can also come to us if you suffer from a knee condition as we can provide comprehensive knee treatments, including bracing. We complement our services by offering Sports massages, Hydrotherapy and Pilates.


Furthermore, our bespoke Running and Movement Centre are experts at helping you to run better and faster, regardless of your age, running ability or experience. A detailed biomechanical analysis allows us to make qualified observations and evaluations of your running style and helps us identify your specific areas of improvement to which we will then tailor a personal training program. Our step-by-step coaching will help you develop a correct running technique through targeted movement re-education. We believe that movement is a skill and can be taught. A better running technique is not only crucial for performance enhancement, enabling you to run more effectively and reach the finish line quicker and without pain, but is also important in injury rehabilitation and prevention.