Privacy Policy

Please find attached our privacy policy, it is in plain English, so you don’t have to weed through legalese.

Your privacy is extremely important to us. We‘ve updated our privacy policy to better protect you and help ensure everything written in there was clear and concise and that you understand the choices available to you. You’ll find all the important details up front and easy to understand.

We encourage you to read the policy in whole.

We’re updating our policy in accordance with new regulations put forth by the European Union, and we are taking the opportunity to make these improvements for all of our members.

You do not need to take any action, but we do encourage you to maintain up to date contact details on your account by signing in and making any amendments.

Staines Swimming Club Privacy Policy.

What personal information does Staines Swimming Club collect about you?

Swimming Club collects and/or processes--through the Team Unify platform--the following personal information about swimmers and their parents / guardians:

Athlete / swimmer name, date of birth, gender, sportswear size and other measurements, physician name and contact details, medical information (if relevant and with parental consent), information about club membership and membership in sports bodies and associations, ability group, attendance history, competition results, medical insurance information, emergency contact, physician’s name and contact details, videos, photos, any additional comments, notes or information about an Athlete submitted by any End User.

Parent / legal guardian name, date of birth, and contact details, such as address, email and phone number.

Billing information and payment details, such as credit card and purchase history

Videos and photos

Athlete / swimmer meet results.

Swim England registration data for athletes / swimmers and the club workforce.

Background and criminal record checks results for club workforce, with consent.

How does Staines Swimming Club use swimmer and parent/legal guardian personal information?

A Swimming Club uses this information for the following purposes:

To operate the club and allow swimmers and their parents / guardians with [to easily register for and attend swim meets, sign up for jobs, access swim time histories and swimming practice photos and videos, practice management, for event management, communication, billing and collection of fees, and other services they request.]


For internal club record keeping.

To comply with national and regional sports bodies’ (e.g., Swim England) registration and membership requirements.

Does Staines Swimming Club share your personal information with third parties?

Swimming Club will not share personal information without consent, except:

Where it is necessary to share with a service provider, such as Team Unify or Sports Engine (Team Unify’s parent company), in order to provide members, their parents, and coaches with services they have requested (e.g., to easily register for and attend swim meets, sign up for jobs, access swim time histories and swimming practice photos and videos); for practice management; event management; communication; billing and collection of fees; and other services they request.

Where Swimming Club has a legal obligation to disclose the information (such as responding to a court order), to protect Swimming Club’s legal rights or to prevent fraud or illegal activity.