Filming & Mobile Phone Policy




The filming of children during club sessions in not permitted.  There are cases when video footage of a child may be justified in assisting stroke development but in these cases written consent must be granted by the parent.  The parent are entitled to request permission to watch any video footage that is made of their child.  The club provide a 'Go Pro' camera for use in such circumstances.


Good practice guidance on filming children during club sessions

The filming of children during club sessions is not recommended. Any filming must be justified by the club as to why the film has been made, (e.g. to assist in swimming stroke development). Assuming filming is justified written consent is required from the parents of the children with an invitation to the parents to attend the videoing and subsequently view the video.

Filming should cease and / or the footage destroyed should any concerns be raised or if consent is withdrawn. After filming, unless it can be justified as to why the footage is to be kept, it should be destroyed once it has served its purpose.

Additionally, the individual filming should be extremely careful in the content of the footage.


Mobile phones


Mobile phones should be registered as a camera if it has that facility in line with our policy. All clubs need to make its members aware that while Swim England does not support the banning of phones, as children need them to keep in touch with parents, particularly in emergencies, they support a requirement that manufacturers ensure they add a “noticeable sound” that it is audible if a phone camera is used.

Additionally clubs should remind members that any photos taken should fall within our guidelines and that if mobile phones are taken into changing rooms, the facility to take photos must not be used.

Whilst the club recognise the need for swimmers to have access to a mobile phone for use in emergencies or contacting parents / carers, mobile phones MUST NOT be used in the changing rooms or toilet areas.  The use of phones is not encouraged during competitions, swimmers energies should be directed at supporting their team mates and the ongoing competition.

Any concerns about possible breaches of the above policy should be reported to the Club Welfare Officer.  They can be contacted here click to email