Water Polo


Home Training Safety Guidance

  • The home training program is being set by Level 2 qualified gym instructors to ensure that appropriate provision is being made to all swimmers. In TDSC.
  • Sessions will be sent directly to parents.  Parents must decide what is appropriate for their child, taking into consideration developmental stage, experience and emotional maturity.
  •  All members need to assess what exercise is appropriate in consultation with a parent if under 18, should they be hurt or have specific needs that have not been communicated.
  • Swimmers under 18 are not advised to do workouts unsupervised by an adult.
  • We highly recommend that that all training is done with a responsible partner.
  • Please consider your training space and make sure that it is free from hazards, it is well ventilated, the equipment is safe to use and it is cleaned afterwards.  Ensure you have hair tied back if appropriate, appropriate footwear is used, fluids are available and jewellery removed.
  • Good Practice examples will be identified and these should be mirrored as closely as possible. 

Useful Websites for good practice on exercises:

Resistance Bands:, Bar Bell:

Dumb Bell:

  • Small group Zoom sessions can be arranged or videos communicated of any exercise is not available or understood.  Swimmers should avoid exercises they don’t understand.
  • If you feel unwell or tired then you should rest and not train.  Training should have a minimum of 4 hours between sessions if doing double sessions.
  • A daily cardio set will be communicated Monday-Friday
  • The strength sessions should be done Monday, Wednesday and Friday if in ST3/C2/C1/Squad/Masters :!Atk-L8M4EFpgrwcsQMH73gZkLVVZ?e=aSCMpp
  • Tuesday and Thursday swimmers should look to do Flexibility and or Yoga
  • TDSC sessions should not be shared with others- it may not be suitable or safe for the recipient.