General Info

The West Suffolk Masters squad was set up in 2006, to help cater for swimmers aged 17 & over that wished to stay in swimming for fitness, but without the commitment of having to attend a set number of sessions per week and also for new swimmers to get back into swimming and look to start competing again.

We require Masters swimmers to be a minimum of 17yrs old in the year that they are joining and we cater for swimmers right through to 90yrs of age. The squad has a current mix of swimmers that swim for fitness, those that compliment their Triathlon training, through to those that compete at National level - with 12 West Suffolk Masters swimmers competing at the 2016 European Masters Championships at the London Aquatic Centre. 

The squad trains out of the Culford and Haverhill sites and has 3 options of membership:

  1. PAYG: Pay As You Go, which simply costs the members £5 for every session that they attend - payable on the day
  2. Once a Week: Swimmers can access 1 session per week for a cost of £17 per month - payable via standing order
  3. Unlimited: Swimmers can access as many sessions as the site offers for a cost of £27 per month. Swimmers are welcome to travel across sites if they wish.

There is a one off joining fee of £20, along with an annual ASA membership (either £15.20 for those swimmers wishing to simply train, but not compete OR £32 for those swimmers that wish to train and compete in competitions) - both of which are payable before you commence your membership with West Suffolk Swimming Club.

It is a fun and friendly atmosphere within the squad and we regularly have some internal, fun competitions, that take place instead of training, where Masters swimmers can race over a variety of strokes and distances, followed by a social hangout - the most recently being a 'Pizza & Beer Dash', with the swimmers racing in the pool for times, followed by Pizza and Beer to help them recover!