A Management Committee and a team of officers, that carry out the majority of administrative tasks, help to run West Suffolk Swimming Club. Our Head Coach - Dan Pilbrow, Squad Coach - Phil Ward and Coach Dawn Jason, are the only paid employees of the club.

The coaches have the responsibility for all aspects of the training and competition within the club. They work with volunteer coaches, all of whom also hold down their own paid employment - with most starting out as willing parent volunteers. We like to encourage our senior swimmers, if they have an interest in coaching and giving back, to help on poolside.

Management of the club is via a committee of willing parents who undertake the roles of Chair person, Membership and Finance, in addition to many other jobs such as Welfare Officer, Squad Representatives, Officials Rep, Press Officer, Gala Secretary and our FinS representatives (Friends in Swimming).

The club is keen to develop volunteers and offers a variety of courses throughout the year including the poolside helpers course and timekeeper’s courses. Please ask if you are interested. As you can imagine, the club depends very heavily upon volunteers to help in many ways. Please do not wait to be asked – your offer of help will be gratefully received.

2023 / 2024 Committee


President: Pat Neate



Chair: Andrew Turner  [email protected] 


Head Coach: Dan Pilbrow  [email protected]


Club Secretary: Cigdem Williams [email protected]


Vice Chair: Alison Blackwell  [email protected]


Finance Officer: Elspeth Baker  [email protected]


Membership Officer: Nicki Broad  [email protected]


Entries Secretary: Jacqueline Chamberlain  [email protected]


Sponsorship: VACANT  [email protected]


Masters Rep: Molly Peacock  [email protected]



Welfare Officer: Sarah Sepanski (HAVERHILL) [email protected]

Welfare Officer: Liz Creasy (BURY / CULFORD) [email protected]

WSSC Open Meets: Jacqueline Chamberlain / Caroline Wright  [email protected]


Parent Rep Haverhill: Sarah Sepanski & Kerr Clement [email protected]


Parent Rep Bury/Culford: Nicki Broad [email protected]


Officials Officer: Fiona Brittain [email protected]