Benefits of Being an Official

Benefits of Being an Official:

  • It is FREE to get into Galas.
  • The club needs you! Parent officials are crucial to the club, as without you we are unable to run galas. You will be helping to make sure that the swimmers all have the opportunity to compete on a level playing field (/pool…) which gives them the chance to swim their very best, in a well run gala.
  • Help to increase your technical knowledge of competitive swimming.
  • The club pays your ASA fees to be on poolside.
  • The club also also pays the fee for the Officials course.
  • You have a ringside seat to watch your child swimming.
  • In the hours (and it can be hours!) between your child’s races the time goes SO much quicker.
  • Lovely lunches are provided. 
  • During training you can purchase at cost, a white club shirt. You will be given a free one of these once you are qualified.  
  • The people are really friendly.


What is an Official and What Do They Do?

  • Officials are the people who stand around poolside dressed in white.
  • They take the times of the swimmers, and ensure that all competitors abide by the British Swimming rules for all strokes.
  • Swimmers can only gain County/Regional and National times from Level 1 or 2 galas, and there has to be the required number of Licensed Officials at these galas.
  • The required number of qualified officials for a Level 1 or 2 meet is 21…..
  • As swimmers leave the sport to go to University, or elsewhere, their parents stop volunteering, therefore we need a constant supply of officials ready to take their place.


For further information contact Fiona on: [email protected]