What is FInS?


​Is all about:

Friends In Swimming

Fun In Swimming Club


FINS Mission Statement:

To help raise funds to support and provide opportunities for WSSC swimmers to enhance their experience within the club

FINS Vision:

To bring together WSSC swimmers and their parents across both sites, all squads and ages so that we feel like a unified club.

That all swimmers will, at some point in their swimming journey, benefit in some way or another from the money raised by FinS. This maybe in the form of social events or using equipment purchased to improve our performances and identity during training and competition. This may be specific team kit for selected swimmers, specific equipment or clinics for certain squads. Not all swimmers will benefit from everything and it won't affect everyone at the same time.  

However, FinS will work closely with the coaches and WSSC committee to ensure that all money raised by FinS is used to the benefit of our club.


As well as fundraising, throughout the year we aim to organise fun events for our swimmers and social gatherings to include siblings and parents as well!

Our current committee consists of: Rachael Hale, Tina Hudson,  Andrew Turner, Helen Small, Tina Brown, Vron Lewis, Tujan Sari, Richard Cutting, Anne Marie Vis, Brendon Pyle, Pete Wortley & Julia Johnson.  We meet regularly and are in contact through FINS email.

We are a lovely friendly bunch and welcome anyone who would like to join us.  If you would like to get involved, please speak to one of us or email: [email protected]

You do not have to sign up to anything in order to help, your ideas and enthusiasm will be very  much appreciated too.  

You may also choose to get involved with just one particular event, such as the Christmas / Summer Ball.

Any resources / skills / visions you have to offer will be very welcome!

We have lots of exciting things already planned for  2019, so please keep looking at our FINS page on the website and also please join our facebook / twitter social media sites for up to date information on events, photos and any communications.