Introduction to Squads

The club is run under the squad system which means that it is divided into groups or squads where swimmers train with other swimmers of similar age and ability. Swimmers progress through a squad structure which is based upon a number of factors including technical skill, age, strength and the ability of the swimmer to cope with the training up at the next level. Each squad has a representative (squad rep) who, for practical reasons, is very often the parent of one of the swimmers in that squad. The squad reps help the coach to keep a register of swimmers and assist the treasurer in collecting squad fees. If you have any queries questions or problems this is probably the best person to ask first. Training times and squad fees vary according to squad so please check the Timetable above.

NDSC swimming is organised into the following squads: Cruisers, Sprinters, Challengers B, A, Youth and Masters. Further details on how these squads are organised and the entry criteria for each squad can be found in the squads section. 

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