Club Fees

Squad fees are payable monthly on the first day of the month. There is also a membership fee which is payable annually at the start of the season in September. You will receive an invoice for your first full month and thereafter monthly in advance.  Your invoice will include any meet fees for meets you have entered through the website and any meets where the initial costs of entry had to be paid by the club.  Meet fees will always be advertised when entering.

Payment can be made by Direct Debit only. Our provider GoCardless will debit the fees monthly in accordance with your membership subscription around the middle of the month. You will need to sign up to GoCardless when joining.

The fee structure is detailed below. A family membership scheme is in operation which enables brothers and sisters to swim at a reducing rate, details of which are also on that page. When there are two swimmers in a family and account the lowest priced is discounted by 10%. When there are 3 swimmers the lowest priced is discounted by 25% and the second lowest by 10%.

We need a months notice of leaving by email to either or to your squad representative, not coach! This allows us to allocate the vacated space effectively and cover the pool and coaching costs.

The cost of membership is dependent on the number of hours swimming available in the swimmers squad. Monthly costs for each squad excluding membership fee from May 2018 onwards are as follows:

A Squad

£68.00 / month

B Squad

£66.00 / month

Challengers Squad

£62.50 / month

Sprinters Squad

£54.00 / month

Cruisers Squad

£41.00 / month

Youth Squad

£44.00 / month

Masters Squad

£44.00 / month

Active Master/Youth (per card of 16 swims)

£82.00 / card

Charges are made for 12 months of the year despite the summer break, they are prorated to reflect that.

The Annual Membership Charge is billed in September to all swimmers in Sprinters and above and is currently £50.