Club Fees

The cost of membership is dependent on the number of hours swimming available in the swimmers squad. Monthly costs for each squad excluding membership fee for the new 2015/2016 season are as follows:

A Squad

£66.00 / month

B Squad

£64.00 / month

Challengers Squad

£60.50 / month

Sprinters Squad

£54.50 / month

Cruisers Squad

£40.00 / month

Youth Squad

£44.00 / month

Masters Squad

£44.00 / month

Active Master/Youth (per card of 16 swims)

£82.00 / card

Charges are made for 12 months of the year to simplify direct debit setup, they have been reduced pro-rata to reflect this.

The Annual Membership Charge is billed in September to all swimmers in Sprinters and above and is £50.

There are discounts available for two or more swimmers in a family (single account). When there are two swimmers in a family the lowest priced is discounted by 10%. When there are 3 swimmers the lowest priced is discounted by 25% and the second lowest by 10%.