Since April 2012 the Swim Squad is the financial responsibility of the Notts ASA This included the Nottingham, Bassetlaw, Newark & Sherwood and the Disability Squads. From Novamber 2016 the Bassetlaw squad was discontinued.

The Mansfield Squad is financed by Mansfield District Council.

The management of Nova Centurion Swimming Club is in the hands of a Management Committee, which comprises of representatives from Notts ASA, Volunteers, Parents and the coaches from all the squads.

The current committee members of Nova Centurion Swimming Club;

Chairman - Josie Grange
Secretary - Louise Flisher
Treasurer - Michele Rai
Director of Coaching - Nathan Hilton

Elected Committee members
Helen Hynd
Andy Quinn
Rachel Boneham

Positions Held...
Welfare Officer  - Rachel Boneham 
Competitions Secretary - Vacant 
Membership Secretary -Josie Grange
Swim 21 Co-ordinator - Josie Grange
Press Officer - Andrew Quinn

Water Polo Co-ordinator - Sarah Dunsbee

Co-opted members
Mr Glen Smith, Helen Silver

Independent Financial Examiner
Derick K Rumsby

Committee Members