Competitive 1
Squad Aims & Objectives, This is the top squad of the main competitive section of the club. Swimmers entering this squad generally come from Competitive 2 and are already at county level. Occasionally, swimmers enter this squad from the performance section of the club when they no longer want to/or can train at such a high and demanding level. This squad is suitable for swimmers at county level (or will be considered by the coaching team if they don’t hold County times) and up to regional level. A good work ethic and commitment are required; but on a more sociable basis.

Accepted criteria for entry into squad

- Proven ability and commitment to following a demanding training program & competitions. - A positive mind set
- 100% commitment to team events (National League, County/Regional/National relays)
- A Team player – polite, supportive, caring and empathetic
- Consistently attending 75-100% of sessions (Pool and Land)
The coaching team shall consider cases that meet most of the criteria with the attitude of meeting it all. 
**The Head Coach reserves the right to move swimmers outside of the criteria/move dates due to exceptional circumstances**

Training timetable