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Personal Challenge

Personal Challenge 2018

A competition for swimmers in Academy, Technical Development and Junior Development.

Results so far: /serbcsc/UserFiles/File/Copy%20of%20Perchal2018_June.pdf

The challenge to each swimmer is to show a consistent improvement in swimming times over a six month period.

To this end, each swimmer chooses a stroke and is timed swimming 50m of that stroke (Because the stroke has to be swum according to the rules of racing, swimmers will be discouraged from swimming a stroke which they are not yet able to swim correctly).

Swimmers are timed on the first time they swim during one of the Personal Challenge published dates and again each month through the 6 month period of the competition.

Swimmers score points for improvements in their times and lose points for swimming slower. To be eligible for awards, swimmers must take part in at least 4 rounds of the competition. The winners, declared in July, are the 3 boys and the 3 girls who accumulate most points over the period of the competition.

Swimmers should be aware that if they swim a time in the first round that is much slower than their existing pb (if they have swum the event before), or a time that is obviously slower than their ability level (if they haven’t), coaches reserve the right to adjust the time to a more realistic figure! In order to benefit from the competition, swimmers should be trying to improve on their previous best effort.

Even if swimmers are unable to compete in all the rounds of the competition, participation is still strongly encouraged in rounds that they can make, as the competition provides a good opportunity for some race practice in a friendly, familiar setting.

The Points:

In every round a swimmer scores 10 points for taking part.

In every round a swimmer loses 5 points for a disqualification.

In rounds 2 – 6 points are gained or lost relative to the previous fastest time swum.

In rounds 2 – 6 swimmers score 1 point for every 0.1 second improvement in their time.

In rounds 2 – 6 swimmers lose 1 point for every 0.1 second worsening in their time.

2018 Dates: 

Round 1: Sunday 04 February

Round 2: Sunday 11 March

Round 3: Sunday 15 April

Round 4: Sunday 13 May

Round 5: Sunday 10 June

Round 6: Sunday 08 July

Timings: The event will take place during the 4.45-5.45 session on Sunday afternoon. All swimmers from Academy, Technical Development, and Junior Development should come at this time, and should be on poolside by 4.40 at the latest, so that the warm up can start promptly. Swimmers from Academy are not expected to train in their usual 4.00-4.45 session.