Membership Fees


Dear Parents and Swimmers,

Every year we review pool/coaching costs as well as the entire year's training schedule and decide whether or not to adjust our fees. As a non-profit, the goal is not to make any profit (obviously), but we must have enough cash reserves to function.  Once we determine the annual fee structure, the fees are divided by 12, and we ask members to pay by monthly Direct Debit at the beginning of each month.

Please see the new fee schedule below.

Please note, that due to circumstances out of our control (eg. adverse weather, pool being used for other events, etc.) a small amount of swim sessions will be cancelled throughout the year.  This is factored in when we calculate our annual fees.  If unforeseen events lead to swim training being cancelled for an extended period, a reduction in fees would be negotiated and passed on to all of our fee paying members. 

If you would like to be part of this process and help us determine the fee structure in the future, we invite you to join the committee.  We can always use more volunteers!                                       

No. sessions per week

Monthly payment

Two (or less)






Five or Six


Seven or Eight


Land Training



Once your account is registered on our system please setup Direct Debit on the Parents section of the website.

Please note that the first month’s fee is always due in full, regardless of when you join during that month.


Annual Membership Fee:

The membership fee is £81.40 and includes the annual ASA membership as well as the entry fee for the club championship held in November.  ASA membership is compulsory for all club members as this provides both the club’s and swimmer’s insurance and is a requirement to permit entry to galas.


NOTE:  The membership fee is non-refundable once your membership application has been processed.

The membership fee must be renewed in the month of January every year, regardless of when the swimmer joined.


·     Swimmers joining between 1st Jan and 31st Aug                   £81.40

·     Swimmers joining between 1st Oct and 31st Dec                   £45.70

·     Swimmers joining after the Autumn club championship will be charged a reduced fee of £25.70.

·     Existing ASA members transferring from another club may be charged a reduced fee which takes into account their ASA membership category.


Please make payment via BACS transfer for the Annual Membership fee and the first monthly payment.  Please confirm back to when complete.  If possible, please arrange separate BACS transactions for the Annual Membership and the first monthly payment and identify them as such.