P1 Elite

P1 Elite
(Squad schedule for the season beginning 1st October 2018)

Age (HC discretion)

: 15 yrs plus
Training hours available : 21 hours (approx)
Commitment Expectation : 8 sessions per week
Monthly Fees : £94.00


Training Time table
  Mon Tue Wed Thur Fri Sat Sun
AM 5:30-7:30
- 5:30-7:30
- 5:30-7:30
- -
PM 5:00-7:15
- 5:30-7:30
LT 7:15-7:30/ Sta Gym
on deck
Sta gym
on deck
6:30-6:45/ Sta Gym - 5:10-5:30
On Deck

How does this fit to Long Term Athlete Development?
Training to Compete and Training to Win

Aims of the group

To support individual needs of athletes to perform in the short, medium and long term at National and International level.

Performance requirements
Swimmers in this group are selected by the Head coach on ability to compete at National level.

Targeted meets (Individually Agreed)

  • National Winter Champs (Dec)
  • ASASER Champs  (April)
  • Summer Nationals (July)


  • Regular 3 day nutrition diary submitted to HC
  • 2-3 litres fluid each session
  • Post training natural protein consumption



  • Small Fins
  • Pull buoy
  • Kick Board
  • Spare Hat and Goggles
  • large paddles (or finger paddles for FL and BR swimmers)


  • Performance attitude
  • Limiting external commitments
  • Taking ownership of technical, psychological and physical requirements to perform
  • Goal setting form necessary

Training Content

Pool: Individual Need

Land: Individualised gym program

Additional sessions notes
Youth swimmers are expected to attend a gym program agreed with HC. Only swimmers competing at Nationals or  with a UK top 50 ranking can access Luton sessions. 

(Swimmers may have sessions made available in the group below on agreement with Head Coach. The Head coach reserves the right to adjust squad placements outside these guidelines.)