Senior 3

Senior 3
(Squad schedule for the season beginning 1st September 2017)

Age at end of season must be : 14+ yrs
Training hours available : 12 hours (approx)
Commitment Expectation : 4 or more sessions per week (depending on goals)
Monthly Fees : £70


Training Time table
  Mon Tue Wed Thur Fri Sat Sun
AM -
5:30-7:00 - 5:30-7:00 5:30-7:00
PM 4:30-5:30
- -
- 6:00-8:00
LT -
- - - - - -

* Invitation only

How does this fit to Long Term Athlete Development?
Training to Train and Training to Compete

Aims of the group
To develop performance and competition skills with some specificity. To compete in a variety of local competitions.

Performance requirements
Swimmers should enter local open meets that are circulated by email (see fixtures list). Swimmers who do not compete or who do not train at the standard of the group will be better supported by reduced availability of sessions or within network clubs

Targeted meets

  1. Maxwell OM or CMK Xmas (Dec)
  2. CMK (April) 
  3. CMK (June)

Additional sessions notes
Thurs PM session will only be agreed for swimmers who:

  1. Competing regularly 
  2. Attending 6 of the other sessions 
  3. Maintain standard of training when there

(Swimmers may have sessions made available in the group below on agreement with Head Coach. The Head coach reserves the right to adjust squad placements outside these guidelines.)