Junior & Senior Performance


 Junior Performance and Senior Performance

The Performance squads are led by Head Coach Stuart Donald who have the option to train up to 13 hours per week at 4 different pools, 6 days a week.  The swimmers also have the option to attend up to two Land Training sessions with Glen Melson at ACS Cobham.

Junior Performance

Our Junior Performance squad members tend to be between 11 - 14 years old and have been promoted through from the preceding squads or have swum competitively for an external club. Swimmers in this squad tend to qualify for County Level A championships and aspire to swim at the South East Regionals.  We do have some exceptionally talented young athletes who are potentially within reach of National rankings.  These swimmers swim alongside our Senior Performance squad.

Senior Performance

Our older teenagers are in the Senior Performance squad and display a good work ethic and positive attitude to training and competing.  Swimmers are expected to be the bench mark for all swimmers in the club, in terms of attitude, team spirit and work ethic.

These swimmers are our elite swimmers that have extensive experience swimming at Regional and potentially National level.