Farnham Swimming Club takes child welfare very seriously.

Farnham Swimming Club operates Welfare under the guidance and in line with the requirements of the ASA.

If you have any concerns about the welfare of children please contact our Welfare Officer, Natalie Cheesman.

Please download these documents for further information in each particular area:

The Club Welfare Officer and Wavepower:

All ASA swimming clubs must have a Welfare Officer.

Do you know the name of your Club Welfare Officer?

Do you know what WAVEPOWER is?

Club Welfare Officers are volunteers many of whom work daily with children.  All Welfare Officers will have a good knowledge of the WAVEPOWER document, which is the ASA policy and guidance to safeguarding children and young people.  The Welfare Officer is there for all swimmers under the age of 18 and makes the needs of these swimmers a priority.  If you have a concern about yourself or another swimmer, how you are being treated by others or something that is making you unhappy your Club Welfare Officer is there for you or, if you prefer, for your parent or carer to talk too.

Now try this...

My Club Welfare Officer's name is:

I can contact them by:

If you don't know ask your coach or parent to help you find out.

Wavepower 2012/15 is the ASA Child Safeguarding Policy and Procedures manual and replaces all previous ASA Child Safeguarding Policy and Procedures documents. All ASA affiliated clubs should adopt and implement Wavepower 2012/15.

For full information click on the Wavepower logo below. 

Other useful documents:

NSPCC guidance on kids being out alone

NSPCC guidance on safe sport clubs for parents to read