Bronze Squad     Coach: Cat Borrell

Training Sessions and Location:



Cygnets Leisure Centre



North Kent College



Cygnets Leisure Centre



Cygnets Leisure Centre

  • Training hours must be regularly met to allow all round development throughout the season
  • All swimmers are expected to have a positive approach and attitude towards training
  • Sessions focus on all strokes, with an aim to continue to improve technique, starts and turns
  • Sessions incorporate sprint swims as well as distance work and swimmers should be confident in being able to complete distances of 200m and over regularly
  • Swimmers should be able to perform all strokes confidently, complete legal turns and demonstrate streamline positioning of the wall consistently
  • Swimmers should be able to demonstrate the ability to use the pace clock and perform swims to times set by the coach
  • Has achieved or is working towards Competitive Start Award
  • Willing to represent the club at all competitions when chosen and attend Opens supported by the club
  • Should participate in all club championships
  • Regularly meet training times set by the coach
  • Demonstrate a commitment to the training and competition regime
  • Expected to display a strong work ethic with a serious attitude towards to achieving personnel and team success
  • Swimmers must be disciplined, self-sufficient, team orientated and coachable
  • Swimmers not achieving the squad criteria may be transferred to more appropriate squad