Academy Squad



Training will follow a structured programme under the direction of the Head Coach and the Lead Academy Coach.


  • To develop competitive skills.
  • To increase the standard of swimming skills and stroke techniques.
  • To introduce swimming training.
  • To introduce land training for swimming development.


  • Minimum attendance of 80%.
  • Swimmers will be 7-11 in the year of competition and show a desire to become competitive swimmers.
  • Swimmers will have the basics of stroke technique in all four strokes.
  • Swimmers will be able to complete 50m kick of each stroke.
  • As swimmers progress through the academy (Create groups within academy), they will be expected to maintain skills and techniques learnt in their previous squad.


  • Swimmers will enter development level competitions aimed at introducing competition, e.g. Local Gala eg Witney relays, network Dev meets
  • Team Competitions, e.g. Milton Keynes Junior League
  • Academy will start to enter Open Meets, Maxwell Level 3 Meets, CMK Level 3 meets.


  • Swimmers will be coachable and show a willingness to take direction from the coach.
  • Swimmers will be expected to increase their ability to streamline, complete underwater work and demonstrate legal turns as they progress through the academies.
  • Swimmers will learn lane etiquette and training protocols.


Future Developments


Notes on Land Training

  • Swimmers will be introduced to basic land training movements from senior lane (Academy and above). Training will be based on developing a wide range of athletic movements to ensure that swimmers are proficient at a large number of gross movement skills prior to moving to County Junior.
  • Swimmers should wear appropriate clothing for their land training, to include sports trainers with a supportive arch. Long hair should be tied back.