Our Volunteers



jane howell

New Members Secretary

Jane Howell


Suzanna Zalaf

Associates Secretary

Suzanne Zalaf


grace allen

ASA/Membership Registration

Grace Allen


irene holden

Club Shop

Irene Holden


Welfare Officer

Paula Hartwell


michael holden

Officials (Tech)

Michael Holden


jules burvill

Back Office

Jules Burvill


Back Office & Team Unify

Nigel Griffin


adrian trundle

SwimMark & DBS Co-ordinator

Adrian Trundle



Trophy Secretary

Simon Lockhart

We are also very grateful for the help of all the parents who agree to go on various rotas, assist poolside in various roles, staff the door at the events we run, our squad reps, and all those that help to run the back office. It really is a team effort!