Time Table

See Time-Table For swimmers using the teaching pool

Progression: Pink – Red – Transition Squad – Squad
Yellow and Masters – social and non competitive

Time table for swimmers swimming in the Main Pool printable pdf Print this Table on A4 page

WSC Constitution

A copy of the Weymouth Swimming Club Constitution can be seen in pdf format here


MANAGEMENT RESOURCES – To recognise the need for provision of the necessary resources to facilitate swimming activities within the club.

MANAGEMENT – To provide a strong effective club management structure with sound financial controls to meet the challenges of the twenty first century.

COMMUNICATIONS – To develop, enhance communication with club members and with external swimming bodies such as the DCASA, SWASA etc. This includes fostering the links with other clubs, schools and Borough facility providers.

KEY ISSUES – To ensure that clear procedures and policy advice are disseminated/provided to all club officials and members on key issues such as child protection, ethics, equity and integration.

INFLUENCE – To provide advice, encouragement and practical help to club members to flourish in the South Dorset Community.

PUBLIC IMAGE – To make best endeavors to provide the sport with a modern image and to encourage all members to act as ambassadors for the Borough, when competing outside its boundaries.

FACILITIES – To ensure facilities are provided to form the basis for swimming to develop, utilising available funding sources in a cost effective/value for money way.

CORPORATE GOVERNANCE – To ensure that the club is fully accountable to its members, within the scope of its rules and constitution.

Management of the Weymouth SC

Weymouth SC is wholly amateur run by an Executive committee, elected annually, who have delegated responsibility for the administration of the club from the members with a not for profit philosophy as far as it is feasible or practicable.

The Executive Committee exercises financial control over the affairs of the club based on the advice of the Honorary Treasurer.
The Weymouth SC is fully committed to providing the opportunity for all children to learn to swim and participate in the club’s aquatic disciplines. In view of its long history there is a very strong lifelong participation element and ethos. With two and sometimes three generations of families involved. The Weymouth SC provides a service to the community and many of the teachers/coaches are involved with existing learning to swim and teaching programmes in schools and the town pool.

The swimming activities are run by an ASA coach Nicola Brunell in association with a coaching/teaching co-ordinator Mr Michael Lister and a team of coaches and teachers catering for beginners, improvers and competitive swimmers to County, Regional and National qualifying levels. The club is based at the Everyone Active pool at Knightsdale Road in Weymouth.

As stated the Weymouth Swimming Club has been in existence for 195 years with a long tradition of swimming teaching originating in open water work in the Weymouth Bay. The town pool was opened in 1976 but prior to that the club was nomadic using pools throughout Dorset.

There is a dormant Weymouth & Portland Swimming Pool Association, which can be activated at short notice, which endeavours to look after all of the interests of potential users of pool facilities because of the acute shortage of water time in the South Dorset area. It is also actively supports liaison with the Weyport Masters club and a tripartite biathlon association in the area.