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New Next Regional Beacon Water Polo Session - 19th July 2014

The second session will be held at on Saturday 19th July, at Millfield School Swimming Pool, Millfield, Street, Somerset, BA16 0YD.

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Beacon Briefing Document

Water Polo Beacon Report from June

The timings for the session are:

Pool Session


10:00 to 1200

1997 / 1998 Boys
1997 / 1998 Girls
2001 and younger Boys
2001 and younger Girls

Land Session

10:00 to 12:00

1999 / 2000 Boys
1999 / 2000 Girls

Pool Session

13:00 to 15:00

1999 / 2000 Boys
1999 / 2000 Girls

Land Session

13:00 to 15:00

1997 / 1998 Boys
1997 / 1998 Girls
2001 and younger Boys
2001 and younger Girls

 These session times are based on the numbers that we had attending the last session. If we get different numbers then the timings may change, but we will keep this to 10:00 til 15:00 overall.

Coaches Forum

The session will be preceded by a Coaches Forum, which will take place at 09:00 til 10:00.  This is open to all coaches in the region, whether helping coach the Beacon session or otherwise. Coaches – If you’re not aware of the forum, please contact Mike Coles for further information.

Beacon Selection

The session on 19th July will be run as a trial session and we will select a training squad, in each age group, for the 6-month period from September 2014 to March 2015, with 1 training session a month in a similar format to the session already completed.

All participants at the last session, as well as those who couldn’t attend, are invited to take part.  This is aimed at those athletes with ambitions of making England / GB squads and so will be challenging, but we want to keep it open to all for the trial stage.

The squads will be selected in the above age groups (see session timings) to mirror the England Talent squads.

There is also the intention (yet to be confirmed) that we will run an inter-Beacon competition, of some form, that will take place at the end of this training cycle.  We will then have another open session for selection for the next cycle.  


Please register your attendance, by email, with the athletes name, club and DOB/age.  As long as you completed an application form for the previous session, then there is no need to do another one.

The cost for this session will be £10, please bring with you on the day. 

Please note that, from necessity due to the facilities required, the cost for this session and the training squads has increased as the sessions have to be sustainable going forward. We will keep the cost to the minimum that we are able to, whilst maintaining the quality of the facilities.

Beacon Explanation

Bristol have received Beacon status for both Water Polo which has started in early 2014. There are just 4 water polo Beacon programmes in the UK, with the others being in Manchester, Sheffield and Crystal Palace.

Bristol’s Beacon Head Coach is Craig Figes, 2012 TeamGB Olympian and Captain, and he is supported by a number of current and ex-international coaches and players in delivering the Beacon sessions.

The regional Beacon programme will provide high quality training for the best athletes in all age groups from across the region. The long term aim is for this to be established as a weekly programme centralised in Bristol, although in the shorter term, this will be as a series of training days, providing both water and land based training on a monthly basis.

The Beacon sessions will be aimed to sit between the RTC’s and the England Talent squads, with the intention of improving the pathway between regional clubs and International representation.

Inter-regional water polo competition of Great Britain

The Amateur Swimming Association’s South West Region Academy Water Polo Ladies Team came fourth in the recently held inter-regional water polo competition of Great Britain, in Walsall.

10 teams competed in the competition which was won by the North West.

Special mention to Emily Watkins of Weston-super-Mare Swimming Club’s water polo section who was awarded the Most Valuable Player award! [28 January 2014]

Well done Emily

Congratulations to Emily Watkins who has been selected to represent the South West Region in the forthcoming ASA inter region water polo competition in the New Year. [23 December 2013]

Somerset beat Gloucestershire during inaugural Regional Water Polo Championships

3rd place overall for Ladies whilst Weston Super Mare Men reach Semi-Finals

Sunday 5 June 2011 saw two of the annual ASA SW Championships being contested at Millfield School. The first was the inaugural Inter-County 16&U Female Championships in which Gloucestershire, Dorset, Devon and Somerset competed.

Inter-County 16&U Female Championship for the Stella Margetts Trophy

The opening match saw Dorset overcome Gloucestershire in what was the County's first female Inter-County victory for decades and a testament to the hard work put in by the Dorset League over recent years. Devon overcame Somerset with relative ease - Mel Passmore (Paignton, Devon) being the lead markswomen in that match.

Somerset Ladies Team: Lucy Greenstreet (Frome), Katie Davies, Charlotte Bradley, Esme Gullick, Emma Simpson, Emily Watkins, Katie Watkins, Jess Dabbs, Millie Dabbs, Maddy Reynolds and Charlotte Bowden (all from Weston-super-Mare SC). Coaches were Mike Coles, Paul Watkins and Nick Purslow.

The Somerset ASA Ladies 16&U Water Polo Team

The second round of matches saw Devon cruise to victory over Gloucestershire, and Dorset continue their winning streak with a comprehensive victory over Somerset. The final round of matches saw Somerset narrowly clinch victory over Gloucestershire to take overall third place, whilst Devon outplayed Dorset to win the final match 6-3. Of particular note in the Final was a goal scored by Leah Clarke (Exeter, Devon) who played as Devon's goal-keeper - Leah scored from her own goal-line in a perfectly aimed shot that tucked in nicely under the top right corner of the Dorset goal - a spectacular feat for any goal-keeper but one rarely seen in the female side of the sport, and Leah was awarded with a standing ovation from the spectators of that match.

Overall Result:

1. Devon
2. Dorset
3. Somerset
4. Gloucestershire

Highest Goal-Scorer: Mel Passmore (Paignton, Devon)
Best Player: Paris James (Newton Abbot, Devon)
Best Goal Keeper: Leah Clarke (Exeter, Devon)

Inter-Club Senior Championships for the Edgar Jordan Rose Bowl

This was the first time the ASA SW had hosted a Senior Championship since 1994, and a total of 8 Clubs completed from across 5 counties of the Region. In Group A Cheltenham, Exeter City, Bournemouth and Newquay had a tough draw - each very strong a capable teams. In Group B seasoned experienced teams of Weston Super Mare and Barnstaple met newcomers Bridport and Exeter University.

Newquay defeated Bournemouth with surprising ease 7-1 in the opening match, though the score line did not do Bournemouth justice. Weston Super Mare made easy work of first Bridport and then Exeter University both of which were dispatched with goal differences in excess of 10. Cheltenham narrowly defeated Exeter City and were favourites to take the title with many ex-GB and current GB youth players in the teams ranks.

Bournemouth gave Cheltenham quite a scare leading 3-1 with three minutes to go - all spectators thought the Cheltenham goal machine had left it too late, but 4 goals in the remaining minutes snatched victory from Bournemouth's grasp.

The Semi-Finals saw Cheltenham take on Barnstaple ... more on that match in a moment, whilst the other Semi-Final saw a hard fought match between Weston Super Mare and Exeter City. Liam Coles (Weston Super Mare) was the lead marksman and inspiration behind the Weston team as they took an early two goal lead which continued into the second half of the match. Exeter City's Simon Heagarty and Ryan Napper both found the back of the net in quick succession toward the end of the match to unusually require two periods of extra time. Two goals from Exeter's Jack Skerritt secured Exeter's place in the final.

Returning to the Cheltenham v Barnstaple Semi Final, Cheltenham were always clear favourites - Barnstaple's Senior Team it is fair to say have not seen much silver ware over the past decade or so ... however, Barnstaple were determined not to give up without a fight. Barnstaple's Captain James Gardner performed superbly in the pit and made several goals to keep Barnstaple in contention. Ian Greig (Cheltenham) and Adam Hayter (Cheltenham) were equally prolific in being Cheltenham's lead marksmen. At the final whistle the score was an even 6-6 requiring extra time to be played. 7-7 after extra time resulted in a first round of penalties, with both teams finding the back of the net on all five attempts, and this repeated itself over a second round of penalties into 'sudden death' until an unfortunate Cheltenham player put the ball into the post to set up an 'all-Devon' final.

The final was not so much of a dramatic affair as either of the Semi-Finals, both Barnstaple and Exeter City were prepared to concede that they had been lucky in pulling off victories over Weston Super Mare and Cheltenham. Simon Heagarty (Exeter) opened the scoring and by half time the Exeter team led 4-2. Will Bottrell (Exeter) scored the opening goal of the second half, and despite a late rally from Barnstaple Exeter took the title 5-4.

Overall Result

1. Exeter City
2. Barnstaple

Overall Group Results

1. Cheltenham

1. Weston Super Mare

2. Exeter City

2. Barnstaple

3. Newquay

3. Exeter University

4. Bounemouth

4. Bridport

Highest Goal Scorer (Group Stages Only) Sean Coles (Weston Super Mare)
Best Player (All Stages) Adam Hayter (Cheltenham)
Best Goalkeeper (All Stages) P Alinwood (Newquay)

Weston Senior Team: Martin Maloney (goalkeeper), Nick Purslow, Sean Coles, Liam Coles, Kyle Maloney (captain), Matt Vincent, Nick Edwards, George Forbes, Alec Gahame, Tom Simpson, Harvey Reynolds, Guilliame Gouves, Dean Bird. Coach was Mike Coles.