Behaviour Ladder

Clevedon ASC Behaviour Ladder

 Guidance for use:

  • The Clevedon ASC Behaviour Ladder is to be used in conjunction with the Code of Conduct as a structured and transparent way to respond to behaviour or actions which do not align to the Code of Conduct, Club expectations or the general expectations of members, swimmers or others associated with the club
  • The 8 step ladder lays out an increasing scale of outcomes/responses subject to the nature and/or recurrence of the behaviour in question, with a focus on providing good opportunities as a priority for the swimmer to self-reflect and adjust their behaviour with support from the club, their coach and as required their parents/guardians.
  • A range of outcomes then follow is this self-adjustment is not effective or for more serious events ranging from formal verbal warnings through to temporary and ultimately permanent exclusion measures.
  • While an escalating scale of outcomes are laid out, the behaviour in question may trigger an immediate need to invoke one of the higher consequence outcomes directly, such as moving straight to an immediate verbal warning or temporary suspension at the coaches discretion.
  • The principle focus of the ladder relates to swimming members. Other adult members are expected to follow the code of conduct and in the event of a breach of the code or other unwelcome behaviour, the individual case will be addressed with the adult and representation from the club committee, typically the Chairperson, Welfare Officer and Inclusion Officer.
  • The ladder should be accessible and understood principally by the coaching team who have most regular contact with the swimmers. Swimmers, parents and other club members should be aware also.

The behaviour ladder can be found by following the below link: