Committee Members


                                                                             Shirley Wigley

Executive Committee

Keith Munday Kris Davidson Karen Woodhall
     Chairperson               Treasurer         Secretary


Committee Members

Del Stanger Elaine Gale Lindsey Powell Stuart Tonks
      Membership Secretary               Development Officer         Grants and Fund Raising Officer       Pathway Officer     


Lisa Trotter Jenny Fowler Judy Kenyon Patrick Holly
      Welfare Officer              Learn to Swim coordinator       Competitive Sub-Committee Chair       Marketing Officer     


Tom Williams Vacant Michelle Dalton Natalie Andrews
      Communications Officer              Independent Officer         Water Polo (Secretary)       Workforce Coordinator      

Non-Voting Committee Members

Ashley Cox Rob Cash
     Director of Swimming               Water Polo (Chair)        


Other Club Posts and Positions

Position Name
ASA Registration Secretary Michelle Arthur
Merchandise Manager Vicky Massey & Jo Goldstone
Social Events Secretary Vacant
Disability Liaison Officer Pam Campbell
Communications Officer Tom Williams
Website Manager Anita Mold
Contact Us Del Stanger
Marketing Officer Patrick Holly
Records Secretary Del Stanger
Coaches Junior Performance:
Performance Development: Joey Stanger
Senior Competitive:
Junior Competitive: Joey Stanger
Squad Reps Senior Performance: Georgina Southgate
Junior Performance: Sharon Lee-Sinclair & Sarah Powers
Performance Development: Sarah Batchelor & Sarah Jenkins
Senior Competitive: Mel Cooper
Masters: Alice lane
Swim 21 Liaison Officer Vacant
Director of Instruction Vacant
Instruction Co-ordinator Vacant
National Plan Co-ordinator Vacant
Enrolment Officer Jenny Fowler
Head Coach (Juniors)  
Competition/Transport Secretary  
Trophy Co-ordinator Amanda Sly
Senior Water Polo Coach Mark Taylor
Volunteer Admin Water Polo Debbie Arthur
Events Coordinator Sarah Batchelor