Stroke, starts or turns clinics, with a fixed number of sessions block-booked in advance. Two blocks per term and the details of the session will explain which squads are appropriate for each. Classes are held at Dulwich College Sports Club on Mondays, 5.30-6.30pm on selected dates.

Fee for the total number of sessions within the half term is payable in advance and will be collected mid-month near the beginning of the classes. Any cancellations will be refunded via credit to your Team Unify account balance (deducted from future one-off payments). We have taken into account all planned water polo/gala conflicts at Dulwich College this term, so we are not expecting any cancellations.

When registering, the system has an automated message about paying by check and waiting lists but please ignore this - once you have completed the registration, your place is secured and you will be issued with an invoice that is collected automatically.

Important Information about Dulwich College Sports Club 

Children are not allowed into the DC Sports Club before 6pm unless they are accompanied by an adult because the general public are still using the facilities up to that point. We have an arrangement whereby the coach brings you through from the lobby - on the dot of 5.30pm so as to not lose any swimming time. Children should arrive with swimming costumes underneath so they can change quickly and get started.  If you arrive late, you can buy a DC pass (for a one-off fee of $5) to accompany them through. The car park is members only.