Swim School

Welcome to Amersham Swimming School

This program runs as a feeder club to Amersham Swimming Club.

The Learn to Swim and Stroke Development classes take place in local school pools during term time. Lessons are 30 minutes each. Course length varies according to the number of weeks in each school term.

The aim is to develop children’s swimming skills from the earliest stages to produce a confident and safe swimmer with a love of the water that can progress into competitive swimming.

Learn to Swim

“Learn to Swim” lessons are held at Heritage House School pool, Cameron Road, Chesham on Tuesday (5.15pm onwards), Wednesday (5pm onwards) and Fridays (6pm onwards). Swimmers are grouped according to ability, with a maximum of five swimmers in each class. The teachers are in the water with the swimmers which we find is the quickest way to give the swimmer confidence and aid their progress into swimming independently. This pool is a hydrotherapy pool so is very warm and ideal for young beginners.

Swimmers are assessed each term and will achieve up to their stage 3 ASA certificate, confidently swimming 10m on their front and back. Hereafter they are invited to continue lessons at our stroke development classes (as detailed below) if they so wish.

January 2018 term dates:
Tuesdays = January 9th - Feb 6th (1 week half term) Feb 20th - March 27th
​Wednesdays = January 10th - Feb 7th (1 week half term) Feb 21st - March 28th
​Fridays = January 12th - Feb 9th (1 week half term) Feb 23rd - March 30th


Stroke Development

“Stroke Development” lessons are held at the Royal Masonic School pool, Chorleywood Road, Rickmansworth. Here children are taught stroke technique, starts and turns etc. and the aim is to get them to club standard if they so wish, hereby enabling a successful transition into Amersham Swimming Club.

Lessons are on Tuesday and Wednesday evenings. Swimmers need to be able to swim approximately 20m comfortably and be safe in deep water. There are up to 8 swimmers in each group. Classes are grouped according to ability.

January 2018 term dates:
Tuesdays = January 9th - Feb 6th (1 week half term) 20th Feb - March 20th 
​Wednesdays = January 17th - Feb 7th (1 week half term) 21st Feb - March 28th



All fees are payable BEFORE the commencement of each course. This covers the swimmers for insurance purposes.

Registration Fee: £13.25 payable on joining and annually in January.

Course Fees: Termly charge varies according to the number of lessons.

All payments will be collected via GoCardless Direct Debit which is setup on registration.


Click here for a link to the "Lesson booking and payment setup guide"

Swimming Teachers

Swim School Manager - Gemma Jones. Please contact on

Learn To Swim Lead Teacher – Carl Akers.

Learn to Swim Teacher and Stroke Development Lead - Alberto Marigo. Please contact on

Stroke Development Assistant Teacher - Mia Benjamin

Learn To Swim Assistant Teacher - Amy Hollingsworth