The West Suffolk club hat is a must for training and club competitions. It is always useful to have a spare for both!

There are three types of swim cap available, which are generally always in stock:

  • Latex hat (thin - primarily for training) - £3
  • Silicone hat (thick - for training & competitions) - £7
  • Dome hat (wrinkle free - for competitions only) - £12

For those swimmers with Regional qualifying times - you can order two silicone hats (minimum) with each swimmer name on, for a cost of £10 each hat. The order will not be placed very frequently, so bear this in mind when ordering. For the named hats, we require a minimum number. **NAMES ARE ONLY AVAILABLE ON SILICONE HATS**

Hat Management:

It is important that the swimmers take care of their hats, as with improper use, they are easily torn! Some helpful tips:

  • Keep sharp objects (including sharp fingernails) away from the hat.
  • When putting the swim caps on, they don't need to be pulled out to shoulder width or pulled down to your shoulders!
  • Following training and competitions, always take care of your hat by washing it thoroughly (the build up of sweat and grease in the hat can make it slip off!) and drying it out to prevent mould.


                 LATEX                                     SILICONE                                    DOME





'Qualifier' Tee Shirts: £15.75 (Child) / £21.95 (Adult)

*For those swimmers that qualify for Regional or National competitions





WSSC Zoodie: £20.95 (Child) / £30.75 (Adult)


An alternative to the hoodie... with a zip.



WSSC Shorts: £13.95 (Child) / £17.95 (Adult)



WSSC Skort: £15.95 (Child) / £19.95 (Adult)



WSSC Women's Power Leggings: £24.25 (Child) / £31.95 (Adult)


WSSC Fitted Pants: £21.95 (Child) / £28.45 (Adult)


WSSC Track Pants: £23.75 (Child) / £30.75 (Adult)


WSSC Beanie: £9.25                                                   WSSC Cap: £8.45




WSSC Parents Support Polo Shirts: £14.25 - £19.25

These can be ordered on the following link HERE (this link will take you away from the WSSC site)