Artistic Swimming

The Synchro Group

As part of Taunton Swimming Club the Synchro section was formed in 1978 and now forms part of Taunton Deane Swimming following the amalgamation of Taunton Swimming Club and Deane Dolphins.

Several Synchro competitions are held annually at all levels and swimmers wishing to participate must commit themselves to regular training especially when in a routine with others. Competitions have various formats but are all run under ASA & Fina laws, we partake in national synchro grades and regional competitions.

We take both girls and boy swimmers as long as they can swim all three strokes, all are welcome to come along and see what we do.

We meet three times a week with sessions in Wellington School Pool on Tuesday and Wednesday from 6.30-8pm and in Taunton, Station Road Pool on Fridays from 7.30-9pm. Please contact Alyson for more information.

Synchro Coach: Alyson Bashford  (


Gym, stretching and splits.

Please encourage your children to stretch and practice splits every day.  It is an important part of syn-chro and it would be great to have all swimmers able to do flat splits on one leg and almost flat on the other now before they take grades.  Also they can use their gym booklets and practice their core exercises at home in between sessions.  If you need a copy of splits exercises and /or a gym booklet then please ask.  Core strength and flexibility are very important for synchro.