Members Area

This area is mainly for NDSC members but it is hoped it will also give visitors to the site some feel for the sort of things we do. Please refer to the appropriate section below for additional information.

New Members

If you are a new member, a prospective new member, or just new to swimming, this is a good place to start. Hopefully we can answer a few of the basic questions, or at least point you in the right direction. If you are currently thinking of joining the club there is also useful information in the Join Us section.

Club Captains

At the Start of each competitive year the club elects a girl and boy junior and senior club captain. Junior (12 and under) captains are chosen by the coaches at the start of the competitive year. Candidates for senior boys and girls captains are nominated by the coaches and are voted in by the senior (12 and over) swimming membership. See what your current captains have to say about their roles and ambitions for the coming year.

Club Records

Extending back as far as official records are available.


Like most other competitive swimming clubs, Newbury organises it’s swimming activities within squads in order to group together swimmers of similar technical ability. We have seven squads: A squad, B squad, Youth, Masters, Challengers, Sprinters, Cruisers. Each squad has individual training objectives and there are generally technical requirements for entry into each squad.

Useful External Links

A selection of websites that contain useful or related swimming resources.