Want to join or rejoin Berkhamsted Swimming Club?

New swimmers who wish to join the Club, we need all swimmers to go through an initial Trial Assessment.

The trial  allows the Head Coach to assess the swimmer's' ability against current standards for our Groups 1 to 6.  Where successful, the swimmer is allocated a swim group and further information on the Club's membership is provided.  If not quite at the right standard, the Head Coach will suggest the swimmer joins the Everyone Active Swim Academy or a similar session at Knox Johnston to develop the skills required.

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Documentation outlining how

to register a new swimmer


Documentation on how to register a

new swimmer with a family member

already a Club member


Returning Swimmers

If a swimmer was a previous member of the club or is part of Group 7 or 8 and wishes to rejoin, then a similar assessment needs to be carried out, this is also applicable if a swimmer has been away from the Club for a long time due to an injury.

Aligned to our regular Assessment Criteria for each group, the returning swimmer needs to have met these, relevant to the Group they will be allocated too.

  • We need to look at physical attributes but also as part of our criteria, the ability of the individual to cope with the ‘mental’ side of the group they are coming into in terms of understanding the sets written, the drills and their ability to ‘train / practice’ hard for the majority of the time and not disrupt the sessions.
  • The swimmer will need need to attend sessions run buy 2 of our 3 Senior Coaches and between them they agree the relevant Group for the individual.

If you wish to re-join, please email our Membership Secretary [email protected]