Swim School

Welcome To Aquajets Swim School

Here at Aquajets we aim to provide an environment where swimming is taught in a fun, positive way with teachers that can demonstrate to the children the skills they are aiming to learn.  

Our swim school is based at the Royal Grammar School, term time only.

Lessons take place every Saturday starting at 11:30am continuing until 4pm.

For further information or booking contact Julia Murden.


Telephone:- 07873726913


Our Teaching Programme

All children are given a swimming record card on joining. This card contains skills and accomplishments we aim to teach the children, this allows for constant progression and visible results. The card is marked up by the teacher each term.


Learn to Swim

Entry from age 3 with a maximum of four children in a class.

The teacher is in the water with the children at all times.

We use Konfidence Floatsuits to aid in our teaching.

In these classes all children are taught essential lifesaving skills i.e. The ability to rotate onto their back and float incase they fall in, an essential skill for pool safety and parents having peace of mind on holidays.

Hour Development Classes Level 1

A maximum of 6 children in a class.

Teacher is in the water with the children at all times.

This group is focused on the technical skills of backstroke and front crawl. The children will start to use equipment, alignment boards, fins and snorkels to improve their skills.

All relevant equipment can be found here.


Hour Development Classes Level 2

A maximum of 8 children in a lane

Teacher is teaching from poolside – all four stokes are taught.

All relevant equipment can be found here.