For TDS to succeed in achieving it’s vision and objectives it relies greatly on the skills, knowledge and commitment of it’s volunteer workforce.  Volunteers are vital in supporting participants, club members and coaches.  Without such a dedicated body of enthusiastic people, development and progression is not possible.

All volunteers must become members of the Club and ASA and will be subject to a satisfactory extended DBS check.

All volunteers working with the Club will be expected to attend all relevant training courses relevant to their role and will be given a named contact person to support him or her throughout their volunteering role.

Volunteering vacancies are advertised on the Club website as well as other relevant websites, i.e. ASA, ASASWR.  Each vacancy advertised will have a brief narrative about the role with further information being available to download.  The Volunteer Coordinator, or another appropriate person, is available to discuss with prospective volunteers how their skills and knowledge would be best placed within the Club structure.

Volunteers must respect the principles of confidentiality.  The only exception to breaking this confidentiality is to report concerns relating to child protection issues.

All volunteers must comply with the Club Volunteer Code of Practice, Club Policies and fulfill the agreed Role Description where appropriate.

Why not follow the example of Libby Aldridge who is the first TDS Young Volunteer to be awarded. Click here for her story.

2017 Young Volunteer Program is now live:

Details of the Swim England SW Young Volunteer Programme 2017/18

Email for more detail.