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Squad Structure

Swimmers are assessed by the coaching staff when they join Maidenhead Marlins and, based on the swimmer’s age and ability, they are assigned to the appropriate training squad. The club is run under a squad system which basically means that it is divided into groups or squads where swimmers train with other swimmers of similar age and ability. Swimmers progress through a squad structure based on a number of factors including technical skill, age, strength and the ability of the swimmer to cope with the training up at the next level.

More information on the current squad structure and the route through Marlins can be found in the 'squads' section

Equipment Required:

To start with, you will need a swimming costume and goggles. Additional equipment will be required for different squads and will be advised by your coach as you progress through the squads. Equipment can be obtained from Mailsports in Bourne End (club discount is available).

We also have Marlins Club kit which should be worn for Club events and Open meets - see 'Club kit' section.