Contacting BPSC

There are a number of ways you can contact BPSC including:

  • Speak to the coaches at the end of the sessions
  • Speak to the committee members or trustees if they are about during any BPSC sessions and galas. The majority of the committee and trustees are either swimmers or parents of swimmers of the club.
  • Use the 'Contact Us' button on the left hand side of the page which will send a mail to (managed by Nick Robbins) (managed by Nick Robbinsand (managed by Keith Farthing)
  • If you have any general queries or require information about joining the club please send an e-mail to (managed by Nick Robbins)
  • If you have a query about membership (existing members) please send an e-mail to (managed by Nick Robbins) 
  • If you have a query about any galas or about club records please send an e-mail to (managed by David Moyles)
  • If you have a query relating to data protection please send an e-mail to (managed by Keith Farthing)
  • If you have any comments/improvements suggestions for this website please send an e-mail to (managed by Keith Farthing)

Welfare Concerns

The Club Welfare Officer is Michelle Gazzi and can be contacted at

Broomfield Park Swimming Club operates a Welfare system under the guidance and in line with the requirements of SwimEngland.

WAVEPOWER is the SwimEngland policy and guidance to safeguarding children and young people in swimming. Our Welfare Officer is there for all swimmers under 18 and makes the needs of these swimmers a priority. If any person associated with the Club has a welfare concern, dispute or complaint regarding any Club activity they should bring this to the attention to the appropriate coach. If this is inappropriate then you should send an e-mail to the Club Welfare Officer at

The process for handling the issue and if required any further steps can be found in ‘BPSC Discipline, Disputes and Complaints Policy’ that is documented on the Welfare Policies page.