Swim Groups

Development Squad Team 1 and Team 2 

The development squad represents the first step at competitive level.  The focus in this squad is a concentrating on honing technique learnt at the Learn-to-Swim level and an introduction to competitive galas.
Training is 3 times per week in the pool along with 1 dry-land session that introduces basic exercises that work in conjunction with their swimming program. Swimmers can choose between Squad No. 1 or Squad No 2.

  Wednesday Friday Saturday
Training Schedule
Team 1 Pool 4-5pm 7-8pm 9-10am
Team 1 Gym   8.15-8.45pm  
Team 2 Pool 4-5pm 8-9pm 10.30-11.30am
Team 2 Gym   7.15-7.45pm  



Intermediate Squad 

The Intermediate Squad is a transition squad between the Development Squads and Age Group Squad. This group are focusing on building on their technique and skills and starting to build up an aerobic fitness level along with introducing Regional and National competitions.

Training for this squad consists of 5 sessions a week in the pool with 1 gym session.

  Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
Training Schedule
Pool 8-9pm 7-8pm 7-8pm 7-9pm 7.30-9am
Gym     8.15-9.15pm    


Age Group Squad 

Junior swimmers are continuing to hone and increase their skill and fitness level to be capable of competing at a regional and national level in the Leinster and Irish Age Groups Division 2 progressing into the Leinster and Irish Age Groups Division 1. At the top end of this squad swimmers are preparing to make the transition to senior level.

Training for this squad consists of 6 sessions per week with 2 gym sessions.

There are two groups in the Age Group Squad, Group 1 and Group 2. You will be notified of which group your swimmer is in.

Training Schedule
  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
Group 1 Pool 7.30-8.30pm 8-9pm 7-8pm 7-9pm 7-9pm 7am-9am
Group 1 Gym       5.45-6.45pm   9.15-10.15am
Group 2 Pool 7.30-8.30pm 7-9pm 7-8pm 8-10pm 7-9pm 7am-9am
Group 2 Gym   5.45-6.45pm     5.50-6.50pm  


A Squad

This squad consists of our most senior swimmers who compete at National level. Their programme focuses on Irish Age Group Division 1 and the Irish National Championships throughout the year along with International meets for some of the swimmers.

Selection for the A Squad is strict and is based on age, aptitude, ability, attendance and achievement.

The senior training programme is fully integrated with a combination of pool work, dryland conditioning, psychological input and nutritional advice. The squad trains 6-7 times per week in the pool, along with 2 gym sessions.

Training Schedule
  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
Pool 5-7pm 5-7pm 5-7pm 5-7pm 5-7pm 7-9am
Early Gym   4.15-5pm   4.15-5pm   Both Groups
Late Gym   7.15-8.15pm   7.15-8.15pm  

**Saturday afternoon sessions do not always take place, please check with the coach.