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 Wandsworth Diving Club 

Diving is a sport where divers jump into the pool from a range of heights completing acrobatic moves in the air. It builds on skills used in gymnastics and ballet, such as flexibility, strength, air awareness and visual and kinesthetic judgment. Diving is an Olympic sport and as such can be practiced competitively or just for fun.

At WSC, divers are taught the mechanics of the dives from beginner level through to competitive level from all heights (poolside, 1m and 3m springboards and 5m platform). We run two groups: Beginner and Intermediate.

If your child has already attended diving classes at Putney the coach assigned him/her to a group that best fits their abilities so please enrol your child to the appropriate class. If you are unsure, please attend a beginners class and if the instructor agrees your child can be moved up to the intermediate group. Progression from one group to the next may vary greatly between divers depending on age, prior athletic/gymnastics experience, attitude and ability. It may take multiple terms to move up a group. Please respect the group assignment decision of the coaches. We place every diver in the group that best supports their development as a diver as well as their ability to enjoy the lessons.

All lessons are 60 minutes long. Both groups start with a 10-15-minute warm up session where strength, flexibility and diving specific movements are worked on to prevent injuries and prepare divers for the water session. 

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For more details and to sign up, please contact the Putney Leisure Centre front desk.

Application forms can only be accepted if you were instructed by a coach to fill one out. Beginners divers DO NOT need to fill out this form.