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Whether your child would like to learn to swim or compete, or you are a swimmer yourself, we have groups for everyone from 5 years and above.


  • Our beginners and small pool swimmers currently swim once per week at Mile End on Wednesdays.  The groups are Tadpoles 1 (Stage 1). Tadpoles 2 (Stage 2), Dolphins 1 (Stage 3), Dolphins 2 (Stage 4).  The current price for these groups is  is £20 per month.
  • Our swimmers who are Stage 5 & Stage 6 can swim three times per week at Mile End on Mondays, Mile End on Wednesdays and Poplar on Thursdays.  The groups are Swordfish 1 (Stage 5) and Swordfish 2 (Stage 6).  The price is £25 per month for one night per week, £45 per month for two nights per week or £60 per month for all three nights.
  • Our swimmers who are Stage 7 - Stage 10 can swim four times per week at Mile End on Mondays, Mile End on Wednesdays, Poplar on Thursdays and Mile End on Fridays.  The groups are Competitive improvers 1 (Stage 7), Competitive improvers 2 (Stage 8), Competitive improvers 3 (Stage 9) and Competitive Improvers 4 (Stage 10)  The price is £25 per month for one night per week, £45 per month for two nights per week, £60 per month for three nights per week, £70 per month for all four nights.
  • Our Swim Academy, Regional Squad and Squad 12 - 15 swimmers can swim four times a week on the same nights and at the same price as the above Stages 7 - 10 swimmers.

Fees must be paid at the beginning of the month by a card logged on our system.  The fees would be taken automatically from your card on the 1st of each month.   You are in complete control of your card and no one is able to see your full card details.  The price is the same each month whether you attend swimming or not i.e. we don’t refund you for missed nights.      

As well as the monthly fees, there are also two Annual fees as shown below.  

  • £10 annual club membership fee (£5 for siblings) and this is due when you first join and then each October.  
  • Annual Swim England registration fee is due each January.  The price for this year is £16.35 for Category 1 swimmers which includes the regional fee.  Category 1 membership covers the majority of our members however if a swimmer decides to enter competitions they will require Category 2 membership which is £36.15 for this current year.  This fee will be charged when you first join and then each January.

Requesting to Join or Booking a Trial

Please complete the membership form by clicking on this link.  /bgsc/UserFiles/Image/QuickUpload/membership-application-form_029815.docx/bgsc/UserFiles/Image/QuickUpload/membership-application-form_029815.docx

Email the completed form to [email protected] to book your trial OR you can send us your email and a request to join in the message box below and a form will be sent to you.  Please mention in the email what stage or swimming the swimmer is at or if they are complete beginners.