This swimming club is run solely by parent volunteers. We are constantly looking for volunteers for various roles in running the club. For example, during our swimming galas organised by us, we require volunteers for marshalling, team managers etc. If you have some spare times and would like to help the club out, please do contact us.

Please see the attached linked for volunteering roles.



The club is also looking for more parents to train as officials at swimming gala. Official are the people in white who are responsible for ensuring that the rules of swimming are upheld and that all swimmers have the opportunity to compete fairly. At any swimming galas there are a range of different officials including referee(s), starter, judges (stroke, finish and turns) and timekeepers. We need at least 20 officials across the different levels of qualification to run our own swimming gala.

If you are interested and would like to know more about the role please click on the link below.