Safety Notice

Safety must be paramount while you are exercising at home:

  • Ensure that you work out in a safe area where you have a level & dry floor, plenty of space and good ventilation.
  • Move any furniture that may get in the way and ensure that there is nothing on the floor that you may trip over.
  • If you have a gym or yoga mat, use this when appropriate.
  • Any equipment used should be wiped clean before and after use.
  • Appropriate clothing should be worn including suitable footwear, no jewellery etc.
  • Stay hydrated.
  • Keep pets and any other distractions away during exercise.

  • A responsible adult should be in proximity of you at all times to ensure your safety.
  • Feedback to the Committee if there are any problems or issues with the session

28 letters for 28 days! 

28 days of challenges and workouts start today as we spell out EPSC!

Day 1: Letter E = Eiffel Tower challenge. How long does it take you to climb 1,665 can only count going up the stairs or alternatively use a step💪🏼😀⏱ Good luck!

Day 2: Letter L = Lower Body Workout

Day 3 : Letter M = Make a healthy snack As well as training hard it is important to eat healthy and maintain a balanced diet. Nutrition Advice.

Day 4: Letter B = The 'B' Workout 

Day 5: Letter R = Running - How far can you run in 25 - 30 minutes? 

Day 6: Letter I = Interval Workout 

Day 7: Letter D = Day Off - Rest, Relax, Sleep!

Day 8: Letter G = Glute Workout 

Day 9: Letter E = EMOM Workout

Day 10: Letter P = Make of Bake something beginning with P 

Day 11: Letter H = HITT Zoom Workout - Junior and Senior links sent via email. 

Day 12: Letter O = On The Floor Ab Workout 

Day 13: Letter E = Endurance 

Day 14: Letter N = Next Zoom Workout - Junior and Senior links sent via email. 

Day 15: Letter I = Improve and Increase Flexibility 

Day 16: Letter X = The X workout 

Day 17: Letter S = Make, Bake or Cook something beginning with S 

Day 18: Letter W = Workout via Zoom - Junior and Senior links sent via email. 

Day 19: Letter I = Interval Workout 

Day 20: Letter M = Mobilise Exercises

Day 21: Letter M = Marching our way into a zoom workout - Junior and Senior links sent via email. 

Day 22: Letter I = Individual Medley 

Day 23: Letter N = Name Workout

Day 24: Letter G = Make, Bake or Cook something beginning with G 

Day 25: Letter C = Club Zoom Land Training - Junior and Senior links sent via email. 

Day 26: Letter L = Lower Body Workout

Day 27: Letter U = Upper Body Workout 

Day 28: Letter B = BACK IN THE POOL!  

Great Job Elmbridge Phoenix Swimming Club!

The Coaching Team are looking forward to seeing you all poolside from Wednesday 2nd December 2020!