Return to Pool

Return to Pool Spring 2021

Phase 4 for CoCSC!

Your main contact for all Covid-19 Return to Pool questions is :  [email protected]

Following over 3 months of closure, Swim England recommends that we redo some of the return to pool paperwork. To simplify the process, we have made a google form covering the Swim England requirements and it is directly accessible below.

Before members can attend training, they will need to have done the following:



See below summary information on Entry and Exit of our various pools during Phase 4


We won’t be using the normal entry into Parkside pool. For the foreseeable future, there is a ONE WAY SYSTEM in place and this photo shows you the entry point.

Exit is via the back door exit under the canopy, at the car park Mill road exit onto Mortimer Rd (Also GLL public swim exit)

Here is a diagram overview of the one ways system to circulate around the pool as well as the pool organisation. 

CoCSC Return to Training Video to give swimmers a small insight and idea of what to expect, please view this training video:


Below is the Leys Pool showing the Line-up / waiting area for swimmers and the entry and exit point.

Members please note:

  • CoCSC parents ARE NOT able to pull into the car park for drop off or pick up, this is being used only by Day Scholars at Leys.

  • No drop off or no pick up on the road outside.

  • CoCSC have been allocated a limited number of spaces over in the far car park over the other side of the sports field off Trumpington Road.  Please walk back to Trumpington Road and round to Fen Causeway to pick swimmers on foot.

  • The entry and exit point for swimmers will be the door directly into the car park.  U12's will not be allowed to leave without a guardian.

Here is a diagram overview of the one ways system to circulate around the pool as well as the pool organisation. 


The entry and exit for swimmers will be from the main pool entrance.



Further information follows:



Information videos:

For ALL Swimmers returning to training this is the routine you are expected to follow pre and post pool. This makes up the whole session around the in pool session and must be done at home.

Pre Pool - Body Activation (spend as much time as needed)

Pre Pool Heart Raiser & Mobility (20 to 30 sec per movement. Focus on quality of movement)

Post Pool Routine (spend as much time as needed)