Member Announcements

Special offer on Club T shirts and Hoodies

Now we have started swimming training again you maybe in need of some new club kit.  Has your swimmer grown?  Is your kit looking washed out?

Club T-shirts £18

It is time to purchase a nice new brilliant white club t-shirt?   T-shirts and polo shirts are normally £18 each – these must be worn at land training, open meets/Level X and any other club competitions.  

As a special offer we will print your swimmers first name on the front of the t shirt at no additional cost.  Who’s going to first to own a new ‘named’ club t-shirt?

Hoodies £30

Hoodies are £30 and these will already have your name on the back.  We love to see you wearing these when you’re out and about.   

T-shirt and Hoodie Combo deal for £45

For the next 2 months our printers have agreed a special offer of just £45 for a named t-shirt and named hoodie.  Time to freshen up your MSC look and get ready for the summer.  Swimming is here to stay.

Swim Hats £5

Only £5 – please have spares in your kit bag in case of rips and tears.  Please always wear a MSC swimming hat at all training sessions.

See here for kit photos.

See here for kit order form.

Jackie Weston can help with sizing or if you have any questions about what to buy please get in touch at [email protected].