Volunteers & Officials

Swimming galas are an essential part of the sport of swimming and we simply couldn't function without our parent volunteers and officials.  As a parent of a swimmer, you have the opportunity to be involved with your child and their sport in a variety of ways. One instrumental way of contributing to the success of the program is by volunteering your time and effort.  You are able to sign up for ASA Swimming Official courses within the club and join a team of people helping all the swimmers in our club......if officiating isn't for you then we could use your help with other jobs, such as giving out medals, or signing in.  Qualifying as a timekeeper isn't complicated and the process can be completed as slowly or as quickly as you wish, some people remain in training for a couple of years, other people like to complete it fairly quickly.  To register your interest please contact [email protected]


There are two entry level courses we recommend for new volunteers interested in taking their first steps as an official in the competitive and exciting sport of swimming: 1.Time Keepers Course this course is aimed at volunteers who want to get involved as timekeepers at club events. The course is online and involves a 90 minute interactive theory session followed by a practical session to test your new found skills. You can find out more about the course and book a place here. You must be at least 14 years of age to complete the course and qualify as a timekeeper. 2. Swimming Officials Judge 1 Course this online theory course is the first step on your journey as a swimming judge. It is open to anyone who wants to understand the FINA rules relating to swimming and the process of being a judge. You must be at least 15 years of age at the start of the course. You can read more about the course and book on here.  There is also a practical element to the Swimming Officials Judge 1 Course. You can do this at a club or the region can help you arrange this. You can contact your Regional Coordinator using the details below.


Swimming Officiating Pathway: -

J1: Swim England member who wishes to gain an initial understanding of Swimming FINA rules and the roles of Timekeeper and Inspector of Turns.

J2: Qualified Judge 1 with 15 hours post qualification experience, who wishes to progress to the roles of Stroke Judge and Finish Judge.

J2S: Qualified Judge 2 with 15 hours post qualification experience, who wishes to progress to the role of Starter

Referee: Qualified Judge 2S with a minimum of 50 recorded officiating hours across all roles and at a variety of levels of meet since the date of qualification as a J2(S). Application must be supported by the relevant County and Regional Officials Coordinators.