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Forget pens, paper, and spreadsheets. The TeamUnify mobile app is the technology you need to run your swimming club on-the-go or from the pool deck at no additional cost.

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Everything in the palm of your hand

Attendance tracking

On-demand billing

Swimmer analytics

Club communication

Meet entries + results

Volunteer management

Social tools

Stopwatch, time converter + time standards

Here’s what our customers say...

Love the TeamUnify Mobile App

"As a team admin, the TU mobile app makes my life so much easier! I can send communications, check event attendance, take attendance at practice and so much more. As a swim mom, I love that I can check my daughter’s times, commit to her meets and post pics in our teamfeed. I couldn’t do without it!"


May 24

Reviewed on the Apple App Store

Very efficient.

“Great practice tool for tracking workouts, having swimmer info at my fingertips, and knowing what’s coming up in way of meets. A great coaching tool.”


Feb 27

Reviewed on the Apple App Store

Great support

“The TU app has really helped me keep up with all things Swim for my sons. This is their first year swimming competitively so there was a great deal of baptism by fire. The app helped cool the flames!”

Doc Pmas

Jan 28

Reviewed on the Apple App Store

The TeamUnify mobile app simply exceptional

"This app is the best! It has all of the little gadgets needed to make my life easy. They thought of everything. Thanks!"


May 21

Reviewed on the Apple App Store

Everything in one place

"The TeamUnify mobile app is a great resource to check out the swimmer’s best times and how they stack up against a time standard. It even lets you see where they stand in other age groups. Good app!"


Mar 3

Reviewed on the Apple App Store

Love it

"Wish I could give it a million stars"


Apr 14

Reviewed on the Apple App Store

Head Coach

"Love the access on the pool deck. Quick to get to meet information and to be able to find swimmers best times very fast. Great tool!"

Coach Pam

May 6

Reviewed on the Apple App Store

Surprisingly useful

"Coming from the viewpoint of an actual swimmer, as opposed to that of a parent or coach, this app is amazing to check event entries and view helpful info in the teamfeed. The best part are the “cool tools” which consist of a stopwatch, a time converter (LCM,SCM and SCY are all here) and a pace calculator which is helpful for distance swimmers. 10/10, would recommend."


Mar 11

Reviewed on the Apple App Store

I use all the time

"For best times, for placement in her age group on the team and for upcoming events I use this app all the time. I also use the time conversion tool. Can’t go wrong!"


May 23

Reviewed on the Apple App Store

Useful for your entire club

Club Admins

Run all your essential club functions—from on-demand billing to volunteer management and club messaging—all available whenever and wherever you need them.


Work smarter, not harder, with built-in attendance tracker, timers, swimmer’s performance data, social feeds, and a host of tools that will give you total control to manage your practices and meets.

Parents & Swimmers

Real-time info including meet results and time standards, with a host of other swimming-related tools like a lap time calculator and time converter to help you shatter your PRs.