Events, Meets, Galas, and Results

Revolutionise the way your club organizes and runs meets, galas, and club events. Create events, manage registrations, perform meet entries, run time reports, view live results and even take charge of volunteer management.

Event and Meet Creation

Our system will help you create events, host registrations, collect money, display locations, manage entries, post results, and even track volunteer jobs — all in one place.

Swimming Meet Entry Management

Event Registrations

Easily set up specific event registrations to know who is attending your event. Even collect the event fees for things like club trips and movie nights.

Swim Team Event Registration

Meet Declarations

Coaches simply send a templated email to a squad or the entire club, inviting families to declare their swimmer's participation in the upcoming meet.

Swimmer declarations automatically drop into the TeamUnify Meet Entry system, saving coaches valuable time and improving the meet declaration process.

Swimming Meet Declarations

Meet Entries

Families, coaches, and administrators can access, declare, update, and approve meet entries from any device.

Swimming Meet Entry Management

Meet Results

Once a meet is over and you’ve have uploaded your results, families can easily access their athlete’s results and personal best times online for free, and even compare them to county, regional, or national time standards.

Swim Meet Results/Free Meet Results

Times Tracking and Reporting

Coaches and administrators can create powerful reports and publish them to the club website in minutes. Reports include: Top times, age group improvement, single meet improvement, high points, age group top points, results by meet or athlete, and more.

Swim Times Tracking & Reporting

Volunteer Management

TeamUnify’s volunteer management system allows you to create, manage, and coordinate your entire volunteer management process, eliminating hours of wasted time.

Swim Team Volunteer Management

Job Sign-ups

TeamUnify's job sign-up and obligation tracking system simplifies the entire process for both administrators and families. Check them in, send job reminders, and more online or using our mobile app..

Volunteer Job Sign Ups

Job Tracking and Participation

Does your club require parent involvement, charging those who don't participate? If so, simply set the rules and our system will take care of the rest. Our system automatically calculates the financial penalties based on recorded effort, then invoices families for the exact amount.

Volunteer Job Tracking