Learn To Swim
“My daughter was very scared of water, after 6 months of swimming with Sharon she swam more confidently. The staff have lot of experience. They are skilled and patient.”
“So happy to be a part of Haringey Aquatics. Progression is phenomenal. My daughter couldn't swim and wasn't confident in water. She is now in stage 7, swimming 50 widths!”
“My two children have thoroughly enjoyed their time so far at Haringey aquatics. The progress they have made in such a short time is outstanding! My 3rd son is desperate to join”
Adult lessons 
"I had a fear of the deep end and could barely make 10 meters. A month later more confident and able to do the whole length of the pool!"
Water Polo
‘I wasn’t sure if I wanted to do waterpolo but my mum persuaded me to give it a try and it’s been brilliant it makes you really fit has improved my swimming and I hang out with loads of friend’
"I’ve been playing Waterpolo for Haringey for about four years.  The coaches are great - I love the sport and also spending time with my friends at the club."
Mari, mother of Aina,12, and Alice, 10
“ Thank you for a truly inclusive diving club that makes everyone feel welcome, with supportive coaching for all levels of divers to develop at their own pace. "
"HA is a brilliant club to be apart of, the coaches are very supportive and encouraging. 
I love training, it is hard work but always fun."
"Swimming with Haringay Aquatics is part of my life. It gives me joy, friendships and great competitions. I am proud to be part of a strong team that gives me confidence, motivation and self discipline. Hard work pays off for me"
"My technique has improved a lot since I have been at HA and have got used to swimming in galas”