Ramsbottom Open Meets September to December 2023 (Club Compete Swimmers)

1. Stretford Open Meet 10th September. All group 1/2/4 depending on times
2. Manchester Open Meet 30th sept/1st Oct All group 1/2/4 depending on times
3. Ramsbottom Open meet 25/26th November. All group 1/2/3/4/5
4. Preston Open meet 02 Dec aimed at groups 1/2/3/4
5. Leeds Open meet 16/17th Dec aimed at groups 1/2

(A last chance County gala will be done early January 2024, depandant upon county dates)

Save the Date - Club Championships will be held Saturday 16th September Racing 3-6 and Party 7-11

Information on swimming Galas 

For those of you who are new to the Club, hopefully the following will shed some light in terms of the various galas which our swimmers compete in.

Club Championships - This is a competition run by the Club for Club swimmers and we encourage all swimmers to participate, no matter what age. This year’s sprint event will be held on the 01.10.2022

Team Events - The Club competes in several external team competitions BCM Team galas and Arena League. We field boys and girls teams in different age groups. Selection for these teams is at the Coaches' discretion Our Coaching team picks the teams and a notification is sent out via email if you have been selected. If you do receive a notification it’s a massive help if you can accept (or decline) as soon as possible. There is no entry fee payable by individual swimmers for these galas.

1. Arena League (Awaiting League information for 2022, we won the Second division in 2021)

2. BCM League  (we are currently competing in the Junior League, Intermediate League, Sprint League and Mini League)

Swimmers can compete in external galas as individuals. This is one for swimmers to decide and your Coach will be more than happy to give you some guidance of whether they think entering a gala, or a particular gala is suitable. As a Club, we will encourage swimmers to enter certain external galas and we provide either a Coach or Chaperone on poolside. When entering individual galas, swimmers need to be Swim England Club Compete members – our new members generally enrol as Swim England Club Train members, which mean they can swim in internal Club competitions and the team galas we enter, but they need to upgrade to Club Compete once they decide to enter external individual galas. Once your swimmer starts entering galas their times from those galas will appear on the Swim England website.

Please note that there are fees per race entry for all such galas to fund the events and all external galas will have their own conditions of entry and qualification times which need to be read carefully to ensure that the meeting and races chosen are appropriate for the individual swimmer. There are 4 levels of Galas

Level 1-These meets are Long course (LC) only which means they are swam in a 50m pool. These competitions have qualifying times to enter and the times swam at these competitions can be used to qualify for Regional and National Championships

Level 2-These meets are Short Course (SC) only which means they are swam in a 25m pool. These competitions have qualifying times and they are generally County Championships and other Open Meets. The times swam in these competitions can be used for entry into National and Regional Championships.

Level 3-These meets can be held in both LC and SC formats. These competitions will generally use qualifying times and also upper limit times (not faster than). This is to ensure that the meet stays as a development meet for up and coming and younger swimmers. Some level 3 meets also accept unlicensed times for the entry which could be timed by a coach at training (This is generally down to the discretion of the meet organiser).

Level 4 - These meets are defined by the ASA as for one club entry or starter 8 club meets, for example club championships. This is to allow swimmers to achieve ‘official’ times for the other level galas listed above and county qualifying times. Qualifying times for these events are generally not used.