Now that we are entering more teams and more leagues, we need more team managers. The team galas are fast, fun and exciting! There is a great atmosphere at them and there is no better feeling than being poolside. As a team manager you get to play a key role in supporting and encouraging the children to experience team swimming. It isn’t too hard or too big a job and we are a friendly club so there are always coaches and other parents on hand to help.

What you can expect:

  • Approx. 4-5 galas in each league. Each last between 1 -2 hours. Mix of evening and weekends. Some are home galas and some are away.
  • Team managers run a gala that their own child competes in. Being a team manager means your child will race in every gala so you will be there anyway.

What you will need to do:

  • Read the league rules for swimmer selection and paperwork. This is simple and usually 1 page of A4. We can give you this.


  • 4 weeks before the gala, select a team with guidance from the coach. You will have a list of potential swimmers and their age to choose from. The aim here is to make sure all swimmers on your list have a fair opportunity to compete over the 4-5 galas.
  • Select the swimmers based on there being enough swimmers for each age group.
  • Send the team selection via WhatsApp to Paul W. He will post this out to all club members.
  • Confirmation of attendance will be via WhatsApp directly to you. Those not confirmed within a week can be chased up by the coaches.
  • Complete the team race sheet for the gala with the coaches help. Over time you will get to know the children and know what races they like and what events they are fastest at. You will need to bring six copies to the gala.
  • Complete the other paperwork required for the referee. We can go through a completed example with you.
  • Confirm at least 2 other adults who can help pool side at the gala. This may be the coaching team or other parents. These people need to be DBS checked through the club. If you are unsure, the coaches can give you some initial suggestions. 


Day of gala

  • Take register to make sure all swimmers have arrived
  • Allocate jobs for coaches / parents. These consist of
    • Lane end – standing behind the blocks for final check that swimmers know what they are racing. Also, swimmer encouragement is vital!
    • Shallow end lane end – Making sure the relay takeovers are smooth and the younger children know what to do.
    • Race organiser – Making sure the swimmers are sent to race at the correct times.
  • Sign the ASA number sheet & race sheet and hand over to the referee (This is all completed before you arrive and simple to complete).