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Classification of Swimmers

The coaches sometimes receive enquiries regarding swimmers that parents feel may be moving too quickly or too slowly through the various lanes at training sessions.

The club believes that we have a sound criteria for helping swimmers reach their full potential. Our record over the years, in seeing many of our younger swimmers gaining places on the County Development Squad and even going on to become County Age Group Champions, is testament to the skill and judgment of the coaching team. 

We recognise that there is nothing to be gained by holding swimmers back, but equally the harm that can result from pushing swimmers too hard. The latter can have severe consequences as swimmers find the going too tough, take a step backwards or sadly end up leaving the sport altogether.

Each month the coaches meet to discuss how each swimmer is progressing and whether the time is right to move them up. Are they ready for the next level and do they have all the right skills, the required strength and the stamina levels to survive and thrive following the move?

The coaches are all qualified to make these judgements and are all focused on helping each and every swimmer at the club to fulfil their potential. Please allow us to use our experience to determine which lane is most suited to each individual swimmer. Please also be assured, when they are ready to move up, we will know and we will move them.

Moving swimmers through lanes

The issue of ages often causes confusion, particularly to those new to the competitive swimming arena.

Typically, but not always, when competing in Open Meets the swimmer's age is based on his/her age at the date of the meet.


For galas it is common for the ASA to set a cut-off date, often the date of the final gala Saturday within a league period, i.e. if a league period runs over say 5 galas in a 3 month period the age on the final Saturday will determine the eligibility, within a particular age group, of the swimmers for that series of galas.


For the Club's Personnal Best stats we classify all swimmers by their age at the Annual County Championships cut-off dates, in order that they can easily see how they are performing in relation to the applicable qualification times. 

We hope that this explanation goes some way to addressing any confusion that these various policies may cause. If you remain unsure about any of these please speak to any of the club officials or parents of swimmers who have been associated with the club for a few years.

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Performance Tables

Following advice concerning GDPR compliance we have decided to remove the PB tables from our web pages.

These will continue to be maintained and utilised for team selections by the Team Managers.

Access to your own swimmers details  will be available again once we go live with Team Unify.