Club Policies

Safeguarding policy statement (updated May 2021)

Swim England Wavepower 2020-23 (link to current Swim England safeguarding policies and procedures)

Late collection of children (updated March 2021)

Missing child policy (updated May 2021)

Transport and Sport Away (updated January 2021)

Photography (updated May 2021)

Grievance and internal dispute policy (updated May 2021)

Anti-bullying (updated July 2021)

Data protection (updated June 2021)

Changing room policy (updated May 2021)

Online contact and communication with children (updated October 2021)

Equality (updated October 2021)

Inclusion (updated June 2021)


Swimmers' code of conduct (updated January 2021)

Parents' code of conduct (updated January 2021)

Coaches' code of conduct (updated January 2021)

Volunteers' code of conduct (updated January 2021)


Club constitution (approved at AGM, November 2021; changes from previous constitution marked up here)